Procrastination was a good thing?

Writing is hard freaking work. So, I decided about 3 years ago I needed professional help and found the Open University had a Batchelor’s degree course in creative writing.

So yeah, I procrastinated harder than most people. I joined a six year course because I wanted to put off writing. I wanted an excuse.

Its actualy one of the best things I’ve ever done. assignment stress aside, I have learnt a great deal about myself and my capabilities.

Although I dream of becoming a paperback writer, my writing needs som serious improvment. A huge part of that is confidence and practise. however, a slightly bigger part of that is having a wealth of tools to help.

Close reading of literary classics, canon and the bestsellers -in the genre that you wish to write in – can benefit my ability to write a constructive text.

Each Esssay I write, the notes I form in my own words, each peice of feedback I receive, strengthens the words I construct in my own novels.

I have learnt some very cool techniques for studying literature and academic writing . Over the next few weeks, other than book reviews, I will be sharing tips on Literary Analysis and Critical Thinking.

Writing is freaking hard. So is studying literature with zero road map. this blog is my road map from what I learn, and wil hopefully help others.

All the Best xo


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