My Annotating System

Hi Fanatic Fantasy Fandoms,

I read a lot of high fantasy and I review a lot of Fantasy. I like to take my time with these types of novels and really devour these amazing worlds.

I had saw a few YouTube videos (below) and knew that this would benefit my reading experience and so I designed my own system.

I decided that I needed about 7 different categories. Any more than that and I know I would get confused. I decided to buy these. They are affordable and they come in a pack of 30, even if you use a whole strip for one book – that’ll last ages. (at least for me)

Love- this may sound self-explanatory, but this is Romance and family love.

Character – New character entering the book.

Quote- you know those beautiful, life affirming, aching quotes that resonate with your soul?? here they are!

Interesting- This is mostly, foreboding scenes or something that I find may be important to the story

Sad- When its blue its blue

Action – Fight Scenes! Pow!

World Building – Probably the most important flag that I use. High Fantasy novels can often have pages and pages of information thrown at you within the first few chapters. Other times, the world can be gradually revealed.

More importantly, these tabs help me to make more sense of the world that the Author has written. If I am reading a Big Book, and I am on page 900 and something and a character/information turns up 500 pages earlier – I often can’t remember, whats been going on, but with a quick flick through the coloured Flags and I can reach the information quicker.